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is chess in the Olympics

  There is currently no chess in the Olympiad. The Chess Olympiad is a chess competition officially organized by FIDE since 1927 and takes place in even-numbered years. Before World War II the event was occasionally held every year. There was also an unofficial Chess Olympiad series that ended in 1976. Although chess is covered in the sports sections of many newspapers around the world, it is not one of the recognized sports in the Olympic Games. However, FIDE is now a member of the International Olympic Committee and follows its rules. This means that chess could one day become an Olympic event, although most knowledgeable observers say this is unlikely. The World Chess Championship is a competition held annually by the international chess organization FIDE to determine the World Champion of chess. Both men and women are eligible to participate in this championship. The World Champion does not have to be the player with the highest Elo rating: the 2006-2007 World Champion, Vladimir Kr

Even Strong Players Blunder

I was watching an online blitz game of two relatively strong players and they came to a position where a familiar pattern seems to have emerged but it turns out that there was no mating pattern at all but they both thought that the checkmate was imminent thus it led to the other player resigning. I will show you the position before the mating pattern was supposedly launched.

The smothered mate is probably one of the rarest to encounter especially among strong players but it does happen considering the time control and the format. Online chess gives us a lot of fun, exciting games and it could be helpful to develop instinct. Perhaps, this is the reason why Black, seeing the very familiar position before him, set out to quickly finish off his opponent.

It was quite an interesting position to look at and it shows that sometimes we all make mistakes and blunders even very strong players. We can miss good moves, make bad moves, or overthink in a position that seems hopeless but in reality is fine and our nerves get the better of us.


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